Faith in Action / August 5, 2011 / Wayne Rhodes, Editor

Word from Winkler
An act of civil disobedience
By Jim Winkler, General Secretary, General Board of Church & Society
There comes a time when you feel the need to do something, regardless of how effective you may think it will be.

United Methodists arrested in protest
Among 11 arrested while praying in U.S. Capitol rotunda
By Kathy Gilbert
Interfaith coalition protests administration, congressional plans to balance the budget by placing undue burden on nation’s most vulnerable.

What’s the ‘deal’?
Update on faithful response to budget debate
By John Hill
Webinar analyzes U.S. debt-ceiling deal on ‘manufactured crisis,’ explains next steps of faith community to protect the most vulnerable in society.

Tackling addiction
The church’s public witness
By the Rev. Cynthia Abrams
Theme of National Recovery Month in September is ‘Recovery Benefits Everyone.’ That's why local churches need to go beyond simply hosting 12-step groups.

Family planning aid slashed
House subcommittee recommendation on U.S. Foreign Assistance Bill
By Bishop Jane Middleton and Katey Zeh
International family planning assistance reduced 25% from last year, ‘Global Gag Rule’ reinstated.

Called to be peacemakers
Mediation and conflict resolution training in Tennessee
By Lane Gardner Camp
Peace with Justice grant helps fund Aug. 15 workshop to build cadre of volunteer mediators with a strong commitment to peacemaking and problem solving.

Doing the right thing
A reflection on Romans 12:2
By Saia Veikoso
Losing an eye in a confrontation with gangbangers resulted in a cynical view of the world.

Pass it on
A Psalm for the adult aged
By Bishop Violet Fisher
The theme of one generation passing along a legacy of faith to the next is found throughout Scripture.

‘Cradle to Prison Pipeline’
Why should the church care?
By Brittany Levingston
When educational opportunities are low or nonexistent, crime often presents itself as an alternative for poorer, minority children.

Religious leaders avoid AIDS ministry
Black preachers more likely to address subject that white
By Sara Bayles
2 studies offer new insights into public’s perspective on the urgency of the AIDS crisis.

Football over families
Haitian government evicts earthquake victims
Human rights groups denounce unlawful eviction of homeless from stadium.

Sing a New Song
Bishops Sprague, Flunder will keynote Aug. 25-28 in Huron, Ohio
Methodist Federation for Social Justice, Reconciling Ministries Network event to create common vision of justice and inclusion.

Justice for Our Neighbors
Featured in 10-Fold Webcast, Aug. 10
Volunteers, former clients and staff will take part in program focused on UMCOR-related free, legal services to immigrants.

Hispanic Heritage Month
Observance begins Sept. 15
Resources available to raise understanding of immigrant experience, celebrate Hispanic/Latino culture.

On the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
‘For as long as nuclear weapons exist, each year brings us new reasons to build a world where such a tragedy can never happen again.’
—Rev. Dr Olav Fkyse Tveit (Geneva, Switzerland)

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